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Transcription count

  • weremensh by weremensh

    It seems that if any field is omitted, you don't get credit for it towards your 'reward' total. Unfortunately, over half of the entries I've transcribed have had nothing at all listed for who named the plant species in question (and the rest just had a few letters). Am I supposed to enter Anon?


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    I believe that the "Skip this field" is the preferred action to take when there is no data or you can't read what's there. I have entered "unknown" but have read that FSU would rather not have various possible words that would only add confusion to a particular field's info. 😉

    Apparently, the software is 'smart' enough to know that the 'skipped' field was intentional and not simply a mistake/error. It probably inserts a 'null' character which is not the same as no data to a computer, anyway. 8)


  • SandersClan by SandersClan

    Wow, if' only I'd read Xair's answer before I posted to the 'badge' thread. I'm not very computer-y so I'm glad to get simple but understandable info regarding software. Makes me sound smart when I show DH and Kiddos what I'm doing here!