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How should we treat Determination Labels?

  • snewman14 by snewman14

    When we come across a plant specimen with a determination label, we have two choices for the plant name, the original label name and the later name as listed on the determination label. Which name would you like us to submit? Could fields be added that allowed determination information to be added in adition to the original label information?



  • nosenabook by nosenabook in response to snewman14's comment.

    I don't know what you eventually decided, but I have ignored the later labels and stayed with what is on the original. The worst that can happen is that the specimens get sent through again, possibly with more fields to fill in.


  • Joe_Fogey by Joe_Fogey

    It's a pity this question hasn't been answered a month in.


  • Dragonwalker by Dragonwalker

    Personally I would go with the determined label as this will be the accurate species. I have not worked with the herbarium, but is there a notes box. If so I would just state in there what the plant was initially ID'd as.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    The scientists' notes/blog hint at using the original label, as it helps future researchers, who may then revert to the determined name if it is different.


  • tinkapuppy by tinkapuppy

    When I come across determined labels, I usually give the revised/corrected name and the date of correction: eg. "new plant name" (revised 1981).