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    I've just crossed a milestone of 5000 transcriptions,. nearly all from the SELU herbarium collection (got there just under the wire as it looks like it'll be complete in very few days). I know a number of people here have done far more, but it's a big deal for me, especially as I usually only have brief periods of time to work here. I wish I had more time for it - it's addictive. And (usually) relaxing. And I learn stuff. Some useful but lots not: like that 'halepense' seems to be an exceptionally difficult word to spell correctly for many botanists 😃 Learned a lot of place names in Louisiana, many of which were new to me or only familiar from news coverage of the Katrina disaster. Learned a bunch of new vocabulary including quadrat (which is not the same as quadrant!), batture and my favorite new word, samara, the name I never knew of a very familiar object. I get a huge kick out of it when an image appears that I can recognize before I read the label, because it's a plant I know in 'real life'. (Mostly trees as I often walk in a cemetery-cum-arboretum, and usually only genus or common name. But I've got zero training so I'm pretty pleased to be able to do that much occasionally.) Kalmia latifolia (my favorite, in gloriously full bloom right now at home in southern New England), Liquidambar stryaciflua, Prunus serotina, Acer, Quercus, Fagus, Gleditsia, Cornus and more.

    So thanks, NfN and SELU. I hope the upcoming new interface and new specimen collections will continue to be as much of a pleasure and a learning experience.

    Edit: Ha! I complain about misspelling by others but misspelled styraciflua myself!


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  • md68135 by md68135 scientist in response to am.zooni's comment.

    Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and yes 5000 is an amazing accomplishment and a huge contribution!!
    It is really very satisfying for me to hear what you have gotten out of working on this project.

    P.S. I am a terrible speller of scientific names!