Notes From Nature Talk

what happens to the data?

  • kueda by kueda

    What happens to the data digitized by Notes for Nature users? Is there a clear pipeline to GBIF, for example, and if so, what's the expected turnaround, i.e. how many people have to digitize a label before you think it's good enough, and how long, on average, does it take between first digitization and appearance on GBIF? Is calbug data incorporated into

    If the data isn't going anywhere public, I would love to see it go to GBIF eventually.


  • robgur by robgur scientist, admin

    YES we want to see these data go to GBIF (and to other aggregators such as iDigBio). We work with providers to get data transcribed but there have to be whole other workflows to get data published fully as Darwin Core compliant archives. If you are interested @kueda, I can explain more about this. Its a great question.