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  • Subject ANN00000i1

    County & Location details erased by white-out correction tape.

    Location transcribed, with missing data represented by [blanked out].

  • Subject ANN00000ft

    3 spp. on 1 sheet: Rhynchospora pusilla, R. curtissii, R. gracilenta

    Sheet appears to be linked to Record 12615:

  • Subject ANN0000131

    1/ more taxonomic rank(s) below that of species:

    Rorippa palustris ssp. fernaldiana
    (syn. Rorippa islandica ssp. glabra var. fernaldiana)

  • Subject ANN0000131

    I have transcribed several herbarium sheets related to the hybrid Eupatorium x pinnatifidum Elliott (= E. capillifolium x E. perfoliatum).

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