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  • Subject ANN0003hu2

    This specimen is from Borneo (not on country list) Could be Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Also, the date indicate a span over 1922 and 1923.

  • Subject ANN0002p64

    Hi. This specimen is from Scotland, which is not on the 'country' list but is technically a country, beside GB.

  • Subject ANN0002ybz

    Hello, One paper of this record states New Mexico and the other record states Arizona. I picked Arizona!!

  • Subject ANN0002o9b

    Hello. I think that 2 records are mixed up, perhaps. Or 2 records combined for one specimen. One slip states Nova Scotia, the other Alaska.

  • Subject ANN0002wcd

    Hi. This sample is from New England.... but New England is NOT on the list of states.

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