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    extinct Co. Nansemond, now included in Suffolk City

  • Subject ANN0000tue

    SRPA is well north of Pitt., based on G-earth ca 35 mi from WV border (N pan-handle) and 150 mi from Red Creek site.

  • Subject ANN0000tue

    I'd go with the WV info - there's a Laneville Road in Tucker Co that runs along Red Creek - on way to Dolly Sods Wldns - primo botany site

  • Subject ANN0000o42

    my guess is that a lot of these "sparse" labels are from students taking summer courses at Mt Lake Bio Stn.

  • Subject ANN00003zm

    how are we dealing with hybrids? the most recent tax. revision has this as "Senecio tomentosa X S. obovatus". Original is S. obovatus

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