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  • Subject ANN0003bim

    2410 Ramana road is in India in Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078. Ammirati is an Italian name.

  • Subject ANN0002o8b

    Can not find Kajabit mission or Markham valles on current maps. There is a Markham River and a location call Kaiapit. So that is what I did.

  • Subject ANN00031ny

    Very little to go on for location. Also might be some question if it was identified correctly.

  • Subject ANN0003d3c

    Not much to go on for location. Looks to me like Jenney, Jenny or Jemez, Mountains, Went with Jemez

  • Subject ANN0002z1h

    No states in Sweden, but it wouldn't let me type in the county field, so all in location field

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