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  • Subject ANN0002e0i

    I could not read the date on this one. And for some reason I couldn't use the zoom tool either. So there's more here, but needs closer look.

  • Subject ANN0000a0h

    This has a note that says ex nest site Xylocelia occidentalis, but I don't know what that means--if it belongs in the host part.

  • Subject ANN00009dv

    I put this down as V-16-40 because the V seemed structured differently from the 40, but I could be wrong.

  • Subject ANN0000f79

    Oh, I just realized a hover over this image gave me a zoom. I had no idea, found that by accident.

  • Subject ANN0000f79

    I put this as 1967, but it could be 1964. Would like a bit of zoom function to get a closer look at something like that.

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