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Non-English labels - #scientist please advise

  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    What's the guidance for items labelled in languages other than English, like this one? . I've seen a few Herbaria ones as well.

    Transcribe as written?



  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    #notascientist but for what it's worth, the herbarium FAQ says

    2.) Not in English: Transcribe exactly as written. Match label content to transcription fields as best as you can. Non-English labels should be rarely encountered in the herbarium interface, but may occasionally occur.

    The Herbarium FAQ doesn't necessarily pertain to the other NfN collections, but we don't have much else to go on. From object comments here, there are undoubtedly many non-English labels. And the rarity of non-English labels isn't even the case for Herbariums now that there are multiple Herbarium collections, so this issue probably does need a fresh opinion from the experts.


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    I agree with am.zooni

    As an aside, we are working on a way to tag photos with the language, but this most likely not come for some time since it is not part of our current funding and most of are collections are U.S. based at the moment.