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not sure what the number should be. Gray's 554?

  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    Hi J. Stevenson. It's a nice change to see another (new to me) user ID post a Herbarium comment. Welcome aboard if you're new, or welcome back if you're not.

    In my experience, these older H. R. Wilson specimens (you can spot those a mile away) don't have collector numbers. A fair percent of the labels in general have a "Gray's" number but it's often in a different handwriting and/or ink than the other info on the label. And for many collectors, there is another number that IS in the same writing and ink as the other info. I have not seen any guidance from a scientist about this, but my conclusion after seeing quite a lot of labels (1200) is not to transcribe the "Gray's" numbers. If there is another number on the label that is pretty likely the collector's number, I transcribe that, otherwise I skip the collector number field.


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    I agree - if it's not a number specific to that collector, leave it blank.