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Multiple identical entries

  • Culbin by Culbin

    When there are many identical entries but just with a different recording date is there an easier way to document these instead of repeating the bulk of the entries over an over? As much as I want to get a whole page done, you kind of lose the will to live after a while 😃


  • reddder by reddder in response to Culbin's comment.

    exquisitely expressed.


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    I'm here... at least while we're out of plants 😃 I'm going to take inspiration from Mr K's herbarium cheat sheet (page 3 here ) and use Clip X - also massively convenient in my working life. It's a clipboard manager that lets you paste from the last n entries on your clipboard.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy in response to HelenBennett57's comment.

    Very nice find, Helen... I've thrown that into the Herbarium FAQ under Useful Tools, and it will go very prominently into the Ornithology FAQ should I work on that one too. :^)