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  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    No worries, hey, there are not many dedicated enough do lookups on syns. etc. in TPL so you definitely show an interest. So pls give this thread a read

    Yes, another transparent attempt to push my dictionary. :^) But there's plenty of other goodness in there too.

    I've made another useful reference as well which is an ITIS text export of just the full sci. name, the Accepted/Not Accepted field and the ITIS TSN (taxon. ser. #.) I keep it in Notepad and for every sci. name do a Ctrl+f and search for it. As well as unaccepted entries ie syns. and ortho. vars. this will catch the subtle errors where a slightly differently spelled genus was used as the sp. epithet or vice versa that a simple spellcheck misses. If I see any interest for something like this, I will upload it.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

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  • am.zooni by am.zooni in response to Mr. Kevvy's comment.

    Thanks for the tip about hovering the pointer and also the link to more useful sites to look things up. I don't see your dictionary in that thread but it's in the FAQ. To be honest, I haven't checked it out yet. Will get there eventually. Mostly I'm here for short bits of time, but you're correct that I've gotten interested. I also find it relaxing (which is probably strange!).

    • correction: Doh! Just realized that there might be more than one page on that thread! Got all the links now.

    (I was working on Snapshot Serengeti but they recently closed up their 'season' because they got all the data they needed, and are on a break analysing it and getting a new set of 'snapshot' data. So I checked out a few other zooniverse projects and liked this one.)

    So far on the accepted/synonyms/unaccepted names, I need to spend some time looking at the definitions of the terms to understand it. Except in very obvious cases, I've been sticking with what's on the (latest detection) label and not adding comments about what the correct name should be - because for the most part I don't know how to correctly read the details of the TPL info. But even in the simplest way, it's useful to check my typing/spelling to ensure I enter the plant name correctly.