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Mycological Questions

  • Zebezian by Zebezian

    Greetings. I'm about as new as can be. My interest is primarily in assisting with transcribing the mycological collection, but I have a couple of questions and comments related to it.

    1. Do we need to record the name of the person who collected the sample? In the introductory popup before transcribing records, it states that it should be recorded, but it does not have specific box for this like Herbarium.

    2. There are no examples (that show up for me) to give guidance in the mycological interface.

    3. The zoomed-in interface to examine a specimen label does not seem to function properly all the time. It can focus in on a smaller fragment of the selected area rather than the whole thing. This might be browser-based. I am using Chrome for reference.

    4. What is the exact method for transcription of habitat/location information? Is it necessary to turn sentence fragments into complete sentences? Is relevant information to be copied exactly as it appears on the label? I have no idea

    5. It just seems like there is little in the realm of actually helping guide users to create consistent records and transcriptions. Perhaps I am missing some important sources of information, but it does not seem that way.

    I'd really like to devote a lot of time to this project, and would be willing to assist in making it more user-friendly if possible, but I'd like my concerns addressed before going further. Thanks!


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    Hi Zebezian 😃

    This thread might help some, although it's more herbarium-orientated.