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Hard to Read

  • earth8845 by earth8845

    Too hard to read for people to see about this!


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    Here's my guesses:
    Country and State are obvious, of course. 😉
    County is most likely Amherst. Although Virginia is repleat with counties changing names/splitting/merging, just type the first few letters "ame" that you can make out and you'll be offered a name. Click on that and you can see any others that might be more appropriate.
    Scientific name : Cornus strita That is much easier than some handwritten ones! Most are not printed! 😉 But you can double-check the spelling and see if what you are seeing is even close by entering what you think it says at
    Location seems to be "Top of Mt. Pleasant".
    Habitat and description are basically "top of mountain" or just use the 'Skip this field".
    Collected by is easy since I've seen this guys hand-writing quite a bit: Ruskin S. Freer
    Number is what he often has... nothing! "Skip this field" for sure!
    Month is 07 - August
    Day is 06
    Year is 1930
    The year needs a little explaining.
    First, you'll note another label that has a date with a year of "76". That is a secondary label out on after the first one, so that "76" is not 1876 but 1976. I don't believe I've come across any secondary label with dates much earlier than the 1960s.
    Secondly, I have seen other labels of Mr. Freer in the 1930's. Some are even type written. I seriously doubt that he would have lived well over 110 years! 😉

    So, I've used what I've learned from my previous classifying. I'm sure I made mistakes on some of the early ones. Hopefully, since many people will be seeing the same specimens, and you will likely even see the same ones again, the second time around, you (and others) can make better judgements.

    Hope this helps! And hopefully an admin or anyone else will jump in and point out my ererz!

    Don't push this too hard or waste too much time. If you can't easily read this data, it's probably worse to guess at it. OTOH, many people will be viewing the same specimen, putting what it looks like may make it easier to find agreement with other guesses.

    It also can help if you simply 'tag' a specimen as un-readable or hand-writing or just skip the whole thing. That data will help mark it as one that may need professional scrutiny.

    If you've ever researched genealogical records, you'll know that sometimes it's just impossible to read some hand-writing, as beautiful as it may be!!