Notes From Nature Talk

Rare Fly! (winking smiley)

  • Rolli by Rolli

    Do you think Mr. J.W. MacSwain ever noticed that he already had collected about AT LEAST ONE THOUSAND of
    this tiny metallic-blue flies in California as he bended down or jumped up AGAIN for the next one on a calm sunny afternoon
    in August in the 50s, thinking "Oh nice, that's a tiny metallic-blue fly here, never seen such before, I'll take it with me for my collection! It will cause surprise, when I show it to Hurd and Powell, these jerks!"
    Just kidding, continuing assiduously transcribing ...


  • SandersClan by SandersClan

    I read this a couple of minutes ago and am still laughing! I think maybe J.W. and his friends all had short-term memory issues...the 184th metallic-blue fly found in Strawberry on June 18, 1957 really, really seemed like the first. Because it was, wasn't it?

    But seriously, folks, you have to wonder: exactly how big was this field or dung-pile or stable or windowsill? And if it was a windowsill, wow! Keep the screen door closed already!