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Mistakes - Not off to great start - Sorry!

  • elderbunny by elderbunny

    I've transcribed 12 records total, but I omitted the "3 mi. W of" parts of the locale information on several of them.
    I tried find the records I transcribed, but there doesn't seem to be any way to go back and fix them.
    I hope they can be corrected.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    Part of the 'crowd-sourcing' method is to have several people look/evaluate the same item/specimen/image. You may even see that one yourself again! The point is, with many people looking at the same thing, a trend may appear and it may be identified as the 'correct' information. Other samples (or specific items) may show that particular data is suspect or maybe just difficult to understand. If it's just one person, either the whole record or parts of it may be discorded. If there is very little overall agreement, the item may be marked as one hat need 'expert' attention.

    Bottom line, others probably included the info you left out. I try to simply type what's on the labels, even if it is redundant. We're really just being asked to transcribe what's on the label. Most of us are not trained to correct mistakes we think are there. So, don't guess at what you see, simply use the "Skip..." link and move on to what is more obvious. When you skip a field, you'll be asked to confirm that's what you intended and then you'll have to use the big, orange "Finish..." button.

    Hope this helps! It's just what I've learned from my own mistakes and info from other threads. 😉