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Should cultivar part of the name be transcribed?

  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    #scientist please advise:

    On Image ANN0004862, the label says Camellia japonica L. cultiv. 'William Barlett'. I included just the first two words. The FAQ mentions subspecies but not cultivars, so I wasn't sure how much to include when transcribing the scientific name.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    Barring a professional decision, I'd say definitely transcribe it as it is part of the taxonomy of the specimen, as opposed to the stuff that is to be eliminated which isn't part of it. Being able to find obscure cultivar characteristics seems like the kind of thing this database would be intended for. :^)


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    I reckon so too, since variations and subspecies get transcribed.


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    I agree! I thought we might encounter some of these in the new set, but this is the first one that I have seen.

    @Mr Kevvy -- Remind me to add this to the FAQ ; )