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  • darryluk by darryluk

    We are now transcribing just about all the information on a ticket. Is there any benefit in also including the U.C name and EMEC number and such like? I don't know how much of this you already have recorded, but it wouldn't take much more time and would ensure a record of everything on the card. A lot of these are fading fast.


  • TraciLee by TraciLee scientist

    Yes, hopefully with the new way the fields are set-up, you should now have a place for just about any information that you find on the labels (time, host, lat/long, etc). The way that we keep track of our images ensures that we already have the UC name and the EMEC number associated with the picture, so it's really not necessary to record that as well. I hope that helps answer your question! If you need further clarification, please feel free to ask!