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  • Audburrito by Audburrito

    Would someone care to translate? This is the best I got: "Beech trunks to a rotten tooth, a few here. Autumn. in the forest Hostrichiensi . Oestrich (Nassau ), leg. Fuckel"


  • maggiej by maggiej

    Here's my take on it, though I'm no Latin scholar: "On rotten fagus trunks. Infrequent. Autumn. In the Hostrichiensi Forest, Oestrich, Nassau."

    That last part, after 'Autumn', is the location. Fuckel is the name of the collector.


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    I think Fagi might be Beech as well.


  • Taubenus by Taubenus

    "Oestrich (Nassau)" is a little misleading. In 1894 there was no (semi-)independent duchy of Nassau anymore. The city of Oestrich was prussian (province: Hessen-Nassau). Today it's Country: Germany ; State: Hessen ; County: Rheingau-Taunus Kreis ; Locality: Oestrich (Rheingau).