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Crabs: Getting the same records multiple times-Not in GitHub

  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123

    I believe I am receiving the same records multiple times. I have now seen this one 3 times all today, Saturday 11/14. Are my transcriptions not going thru? or is there a computer glitch going on? Thanks so much!


  • pentcheff by pentcheff

    Here's what I think is going on (but I'll still report this back to the programmers):

    Each record in Notes From Nature gets transcribed four times before it is considered "finished". Normally, I assume, the system keeps track of which records you've already transcribed and doesn't offer them to you again. However, because the Crab Shack doesn't yet have user login/badges set up, I'm guessing that it just doesn't know who you are, so it gives you any record that still hasn't been transcribed four times yet.

    So... if you think you've seen it before, you almost certainly have. We'd recommend NOT transcribing it again, but just "Skip" that record and move on to another.



  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123 in response to pentcheff's comment.

    Thanks so much for the responese, your explanation makes perfect sense.. I've starting keeping track of the ones I've transcribed so I could see if it was a one time event or a routine thing (not enough data yet to tell).

    Also, just want to Thank You so much for taking the time to respond back to our questions. It is so refreshing to find a NfN project where the scientists are engaged and respond back, it is so very much appreciated!!
    Thanks again!


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hey, @pentcheff -- are you a Crabs scientist? I should probably give you the Scientist tag, shouldn't I? 😃


  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123

    I was just out looking in GitHub and do not see anything there for this issue. Could someone add it to GitHub. There is basically 2 issues:

    1. The computer does not appear to know we are logged in so it does not count the records we have completed.
    2. Since the computer does not know we are logged in it gives us the same record more than once. At first I thought this only happened if I got out and then came back in later in a different session. But I starting keeping a list for a week and some of the records were given to me more than once within the same session (I had not logged out) I would not have thought that should be happening.

    While getting the count to work would be great, I see it as a much bigger issue that we are receiving the same record more than once. I realize the Crabs are completed for now but thought it might be good to get it into GitHub so it might be fixed before more Crabs are back.
    Thanks so much!


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    I submitted the issue.

    I am not sure of this is related to user logins or not. The Crab Shack does record each user as unique it is just that it does not yet recognize registered users as the other interfaces do. This is similar to someone coming to the site and transcribing without having registered.

    Thanks for the detailed report!