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Pages Locks up when moving from one field to another

  • Angel_48 by Angel_48

    It will start alright entering the number at the beginning, but after that when you go to another field it will flash the field name at the top where you originally worked and flash the field name where you went to and keep flashing the two. The page is totally locked up and can not click on anything, only way to close it is to go to task manager and close the page. Or hovering Internet Explorer Button wait for the pages to pop up and hitting the X for the Zooniverse page.

    I really want to do the crab one it looks very interesting and I don't have any problems with other sites this is the only one that locks like this.

    Please are there any ideas? Getting another browser is not an option.


  • pentcheff by pentcheff

    Ah, here at "Help Board" I can write a longer note...

    That's the second freeze-up we know about. It would be very helpful if you could let us know what browser and what operating system you're using (Internet Explorer version and Windows version).

    If possible, we'd appreciate it if you can send me that information directly to: (I'm Dean Pentcheff, one of the researchers behind the Crab Shack project). Thanks!