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  • reddder by reddder

    Well, Bonnie, your msg has my full attention. I'm going to wait to see IF there is any response from the head shed and then I'll have to make some hard choices. Right now, I'm at a loss for words. Thx for passing on this info. I know there are many projects that will benefit from help and dedication. Good luck.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Bonnie, with regards to scientist participation in this project, did you happen to see this recent post from Rob with some update information?

    I'm not sure what's going on here with the ESSIG database, and I don't blame you for being frustrated... as we've said many times, we understand everyone's frustration, and we are asking for patience as we get the new developer involved to fix this project's many problems. We totally understand if you'd like to work somewhere else until we do. 😃

    And I definitely understand that this is weird and seems to go against what the team said earlier. I am flagging this for the science team to respond. It may be that more insect groups are ESSIG doubles than they initially thought. I can't speak to that. I hope they will provide more information as to why this is showing up. Thank you for reporting it!


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    I am so sorry that you are so frustrated and I understand that you want to move on. I have asked the CalBug scientists to weigh in again and I appreciate you pointing out their previous response to this issue.

    As for there being no scientists, I am sorry you feel that way. There are scientist that care and need the data. As I stated many times we are trying to be more responsive and clearly underestimated the amount of time that we should spend on the Talk page. We are working to rectify that, but it is not an easy issue to solve.

    This is the first that I have heard of someone getting an image more than once in the macrofungi interface or CalBug for that matter. Can you please provide more information about that so that I can try to document this.


  • poboyski by poboyski scientist

    @Bonnie123, et al. The dragonflies and damselflies are the only records we purposely duplicated to test our students against Notes from Nature. I think everyone knows that each specimen gets databased by more than one person for quality control. It is possible that we downloaded some records to the Essig Database that were only recorded by one person so far, and therefore they pop up again on Notes from Nature. But I really don't think that is the case. I would be very interested to know if you come across others. If so, there is some other issue going on that we don't know about.

    But what about this beetle? Metrius are part of the "bombardier" beetle group that spray hot liquids as a defense. We just submitted a grant proposal to study the chemistry involved, the genes that control the spray mechanism, and how this defense evolved in this and related species of ground beetles. For the grant proposal we needed distribution data to draw a map of the various species we will study (and where we would collect live specimens). Unfortunately they were not databased yet through Notes from Nature, so we took care of this small group ourselves. The proposal has been submitted, now we have our figures crossed that we get funded!