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What to do about missing date info?

  • Noharrr by Noharrr

    The helpful soul who originally logged this page dittoed over from a previous page, leaving the day of collection effectively blank on this page. Is there any way to view the previous page to recover the date being referenced?

    Where a range of dates or months is given (eg. months 8-9) how should we transcribe this?

    The system is automatically putting hyphens between the date fields, so on the page I'm working on,

    with no day,
    a range of 2 months, and
    the year recorded only as 2 digits,
    eg. (0) (8-9) (92)
    ends up looking like: 0-8-9-92, which makes no sense at all.
    Suggestion: Could the date-field dividers be forward slashes (as often in other applications)?
    That way, we could still use the hyphen to indicate a range of numbers (as is usual).

    Just a thought. So my example would end up looking like:
    0 / 8-9 / 92

    Thanks for considering this


  • darryluk by darryluk

    Just leave it blank, it'll get picked up in the end and a scientist will go and see what the date on the page before actually was.