Notes From Nature Talk

For the Fungi, United States should appear at the top of the Country list.

  • El_Segundo_cant_win by El_Segundo_cant_win

    Ninety percent or more of the fungi I've transcribed have been from the United States. United States should appear at the top of the country list, so that only a "U" needs to be typed in to find the correct country.

    The second most common country is Canada. It would be good if this had a proper Province lookup instead of free text.


  • reddder by reddder

    I totally agree with you.


  • majortim by majortim

    a county list menu for Canada would also be cool


  • simonedi by simonedi

    certainly agree on us being at the top, mebbe with canada, ive seen that on other sites where for location us, uk canada are at the top. Simply because they make up like 80% of locations dont think we need uk but can and us would be ideal even if they sre still located in their correct positions too