Notes From Nature Talk

Viewer isn't advancing properly to the next slide


    When I first sign in I see the the image slide in. After completing the transcription, the image does not switch when I hit either the OK button or the Finish button. Clicking Skip this record does result in a new image but the data in the transcription object are not stored or erased.
    Also I have had events where the mouse pointer gets stuck in the outline mode but will not change to an outline with a cancel button. Only refreshing the page gets me out and takes me back to the landing page for the section.
    This is happening in both Herbs and fungi.
    Onithology is a bit different and that is working fine.
    Is this something a user can adjust his browser for? (I have cleared my cache and reset my browser)


  • jillrobilliard by jillrobilliard

    I am having the same problem. After competing the transcription and hitting the OK button, nothing happens. The number of records is not being added to, so I am guessing that the information is not being stored. I am doing the Macrofungi. I have not had this problem before.