Notes From Nature Talk

Time saving tricks

  • Bparrish84 by Bparrish84

    It looks like they only wrote the year once. Also this contains a lot of quotes which I take to mean it is the same as what is above it in the column.
    Should I type the quotes, type a 0, or type what is above it in the column?


  • jmkwon by jmkwon

    Yes, wondering if notes from nature registers quotation marks as dittos, feature could save much time on the ornithological collection.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    Do not type the dittos! Treat each line as a separate entry so replace all the dittos! If someone searched the database and got a particular line that had dittos in it how would they know what the dittos represented?


  • ltrbrooks by ltrbrooks

    darryluk is on the money there!

    To reiterate, please transcribe what the ditto is dittoing in for. Just imagine that you cut the physical page up into separate lines and tried to look at one line at a time; without the order providing the context, the dittos are meaningless.

    We're taking the time that the original curators never had!