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Specimen box isn't correct for handwritten labels

  • Ma29ryAnn by Ma29ryAnn

    It is impossible to get the specimen box to properly encompass the handwritten label. It isn't WYSIWYG! In many cases, the labels are legible without using the box tool, but you need to box it to begin the record. I have to memorize the label or write down the contents separately. Can you fix this?


  • areinders by areinders

    Until someone fixes this you can work around the problem: Make a box and transcribe as much as you can, taking care to leave at least one field open. Then close the box (little X in the upper right corner) and select the part of the label that has the missing information. You can now click on the numbers for the field (1/5) and select the field that is still missing. Fill it in and finish the record. You can do this multiple times if necessary as long as you have an open field (i.e. skipped field).


  • bthiers by bthiers

    Sorry for the inconvenience -- Zooniverse staff is working on a solution. They have a lot on their plate.