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MIcrostylis collector's name?

  • Horkelia by Horkelia

    Y. C. Mason? at Mariners' Museum? Thanks for help.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    Mariner's Museum is correct, can't be sure of which Mason this is. As a rule if you can't find something, just leave it blank. These are all transcribed 4 times for accuracy, and then those incomplete ones are checked by the scientists by hand.


  • riskingraisin by riskingraisin

    Kind of looks like GC to me - maybe a cursive G with a print G written over it?


  • Omar88 by Omar88

    I think riskingraisin probably is right. At 1st I tought it was a capital Y and a normal print G,but that doesnt make any sense.