Notes From Nature Talk

Specimens with Hosts

  • geckzilla by geckzilla

    I find it interesting that almost none of the transcriptions I have done have shown what the help text indicates as a typical example of a host label. Most often they are just like this one: A scientific name off to the side on its own label. No "ex:" and no obvious "Host:" to give it away. It's easily confused as being the scientific name for the specimen itself to an inattentive layman. I've found it useful to simply perform a search on suspect host scientific names and if it turns out to be a plant, I put it in the host input box. This one is a plum tree.


  • joanball by joanball scientist

    Good point and good suggestion about finding hosts. Although I suspect not everyone will do this. We will work on making the host field more clear. Or, we might remove the host field and have a field for "Other information" where you can put anything that does not go into one of the other specified fields. Will keep you posted on this issue.