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Not-so-Straightforward Specimen

  • nosenabook by nosenabook

    Country: United States
    State: Virginia (from UPC sticker)
    County: (left blank, probably Giles, but none is given)
    Scientific Name: Betula payrifera (probably misspelled papyrifera from using a search engine to double check my interpretation of the spelling)
    Scientific Author: Toum, Marshall (Tourn? An expert will know which author is likely; I'm no expert and make my best guess)
    Location: (I left this blank)
    Habitat: stream banks
    Collector: M. R.
    Collector Number: (none given; I left it blank)
    Collection Date: 5/6/97 is clear enough, but do I know which century? The records I've seen from this center are from the 1930s, so 1897 is more likely. IMO. I entered the month and day, and left the year blank. With all the blank fields this specimen is flagged for a closer look.

    Anyone want to chime in with a different take? I thought it would make a good instructional item for new citizen scientists..