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Is there any way to retrieve a record?

  • ctozer by ctozer

    A couple of times I have realized, as a record was leaving the screen, that I made a mistake. Most recently, I put altitude information in the "collector" box and forgot the collector altogether. I'd like to have been able to "go back one record" or something like that and make the fix, but I don't see anyway to do anything like that. If it can't be done now, perhaps the programming could be amended. I can't believe I'm the only person to ever do something like that. (Well, I hope not, anyway.)

    On a related note, does anyone review the digitized records? Just curious.


  • Dragonwalker by Dragonwalker

    I see no one replied to you, but I also wish that there was a way to review recent records (maybe list them in profile). This would be helpful when we cannot read something and ask for other's opinions too.

    In regards to the digitized records. Yes, I also look through them.


  • by

    I, too, want to revisit records I created earlier, to correct mistakes I now realise I made.

    And it would be nice if those driving these projects would at least acknowledge the comments so we know someone actually reads them.


  • MCulpepper1 by MCulpepper1 scientist

    Hi All,
    Rest assured your comments are being read and taken into account. We are working with our programmers to make improvements and value your comments!