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  • annparker by annparker

    I'm not sure how to classify the year as there is no century given. As this is rather old fashioned hand writing I would guess it's more likely to be 1896 than 1996 but I don't know that. The system doesn't seem to give me the option just to enter the two digit year.


  • by

    The yellowing paper and writing style is definitely 1896. That's how I would mark this record.


  • Pict by Pict

    The fact that the determination label says 1991 should also be a clue 😉 The species of the specimen cant very well be determined before it has been collected 😉


  • SandersClan by SandersClan in response to Pict's comment.

    You are so using your brain, Pict! 😃 We need someone to create a badge for 'The Only One to See What We All Should Have Noticed'.