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Elevation Data Field

  • stewjack by stewjack

    From My last specimen !!!!

    COUNTRY: United States, STATE California, COUNTY: Mono, LOCALITY Crooked Creek

    If the elevation is given as Elevation 10,150' White Mts should I transcribe it as Elevation 10,150' White Mts OR just Elevation 10,150' ?? Can the elevation field contain more specific location data in addition to the elevation data


  • SandersClan by SandersClan

    My suggestion would be to list White Mts as part of the locality and list the elevation alone in its field.


  • stewjack by stewjack in response to SandersClan's comment.

    I would agree. The problem was that their were 2 "localities" Crooked Creek AND White Mts. I guess he parked his car at the Crooked Creek Field Station and hiked up to the White Mountains.