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Date will not enter

  • LauraVernonRussell by LauraVernonRussell

    the dates will not enter.


  • okopho by okopho

    Not sure what you mean, but if you look at the screenshot below, you'l see the boxes the date has to entered in. In my example (and yours), the date is given as the month (in roman numerals), then the day, then the year. So my date is "V-25-1994" (May 25th 1994) and yours is "IX-7-57" (September 7th 1957).

    To enter your date, you would need to tab to the Month box and type 09, then tab to the Day box and type 07, and then tab to the Year box and type 1957. You could also use the mouse to select the same values from the drop-down lists. When all the numbers have been entered, press Enter (or click the OK button) to save the information.