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Double Author

  • jim24 by jim24

    To whom do I attribute this


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    Notice that there are also different 'Scientific Names.' Here is what I've been doing with specimens with multiple labels (you'll find several threads on that topic, BTW):

    • In the 'Scientific Name' field, I would write: "Vaccinium (original),
      V. glandulosum (June 1968), V. floridanum (Feb. 1969)"
    • In the 'Scientific Author' field: "none (original), (Ashe) Sleumer
      (June 1968), (Nutt.) Sleumer (Feb. 1969)"
      Not saying that is correct or approved, it's just an attempt to get enough useful information into the database. Others will be viewing/classifying this same specimen. All the those records will be compared. Mine may just be thrown out! But if others also added at least some of this extra info, it will either be accepted or maybe noted as one with 'problems' needing more detailed examination.

    My hope is that by trying to add this extra info we make enough 'waves' that it becomes obvious that it is a little different than your average specimen. And I suggest reading any thread that uses "multiple" or "labelS" in its name. 😉 Hope this helps! 8)