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Label is not in english

  • jagamroz by jagamroz

    What should I do?
    The plant was collected in Austria. Although my German is not very strong I'm able to fill in the fields with the information it provides. BUT I don't want to translate the location and habitat description. Should I write it in German or omit the field?


  • okopho by okopho

    I think you're right not to attempt translation. The main job we're being asked to do is transcription, not interpretation. If in doubt, I would say just copy exactly what is there - you can't really go wrong if you stick to that basic principle.


  • asallans by asallans scientist

    Yes, the goal here is transcription, so definitely copy verbatim. Thanks for asking and being concerned about this!


  • majortim by majortim

    Just in case you wonder what's written there: Steiermark, (=Austrian state of Styria) (district of) Weiz: Edge of forest on the Teichlape (Alpe = seasonal mountain pasture) at ca. 1,400m

    So if you can translate what's written there, you could put that here on the board?