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Can't enter partial dates

  • dbloom by dbloom

    This transcription shows the year ('63) but the app won't accept a partial date. It would be a share to loose some data just because I don't have all of the data. Input of partial dates would be super great - especially for insects.


  • jmkwon by jmkwon

    Wouldn't the collection date be the other date at the top? I think the ('63) refers to whatever the "Det." is, which seems to be a function separate from the collection date.


  • kosmala by kosmala

    The collection date is the one with a Roman Numeral. So the collection date here is "VIII-27-60" (August 27, 1960). The collection date will always appear on the same label as the location information (Tuolumne County, California).

    The '63 (1963) is on the determination label -- the one where it's also written what the species is (Hesperia juba).

    So what we see here is that this moth was collected in 1960 by P. D. Hurd, stuck on a pin, and then it sat around for a few years until 1963 when C. D. MacNeill had a chance to figure out what it was.