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  • eileenltvzorza by eileenltvzorza

    Unable to progress beyond putting box around label - no information on what happens next. Can someone please help ?


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver in response to eileenltvzorza's comment.

    That area with the bar code is created by the site where the specimen is located/stored. It is not the data we are asked to transcribe. The area with the data we are asked to enter is usually at the bottom of the page (at least in the plant specimens). Try putting a 'box' around the multi-line label in the lower, right-hand part of this specimen and see if you then get an enlarged view of it. You should also then get a 'bar' just below that enlarged label image which will be where you transcribe the data. There will be a bit of text in each text area describing what data goes in that field. Enter the data and lick the "OK" button (or simply press 'return' or 'enter'). BTW, clicking the "OK" button is the safest method.

    NOTE: NEVER, EVER use your 'delete' or 'backspace' key! 😃

    Good luck!