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How do I interpret this date?

  • tfmorris by tfmorris

    It appears to be X1-12 1950, but the date widget won't let me select just a year without choosing day & month (BTW, a pulldown menu with dozens of entries is a really inefficient way to enter a four digit year)


  • asallans by asallans scientist

    I believe you are reading this correctly. Entomologists sometimes use roman numerals for the month, meaning this would be XI or 11 which is November 12, 1950. Thanks for asking!


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    @ tfmorris,

    Be aware that you can also manually enter the four-digit year, as well as the two digit day. As for month, I think you'll need to either use the drop-down list or use the numeric 'month' assignments. Basically, the software looks for the first few characters you enter to try and find a match in the list provided by the field definition lists. So, entering the month name doesn't work since the defined list uses numbers as the first part of the 'name.'

    Typing 01/02/03/.../11/12 will probably be faster than clicking and scrolling to the correct month. Same for the Day. Especially great for the massively long Year!

    Hope that helps. 😉