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Cannot see entire Label

  • vlnapolitano by vlnapolitano

    Even though I select the entire label, it comes up cropped and it cannot be scrolled. I can't see all of the data at once.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver in response to vlnapolitano's comment.

    I may have seen that same specimen, certainly one with the FL map. It also has 'updated' info/multiple labels that would possible not show up, even if you select all of them. :haedbash:

    I'm sure someone thought the map would be of great help for future studies. 😃 Unfortunately, I don't think the even knew about mere mortals using computers to convert their info into digital form! And I'm sure the term Zooniverse was not in anyone's vocabulary! LOL!

    I think these kinds of exceptions to the design of "Notes From Nature" will be either tackled or simply removed from what we see.


  • areinders by areinders in response to vlnapolitano's comment.

    When that happens you can start by transcribing as much as you can see on the part of the label that is visible. Then close the image (click on the little x in the upper right corner) and select the second part of the label. Your entries will not be lost, just hit OK to get to those parts that you hadn't been able to fill out before. This also works when there are multiple labels on the page in different places and you want to check all of them.