Notes From Nature Talk

What's the date on this?

  • paola by paola

    Is this February 6th or June 2nd? I know that US and Europe have different standards, I'm not sure if there is a standard way for scientific records.


  • cerabilia by cerabilia scientist

    The Roman numeral will always be the month, so this is June 11th 1956.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    I read that in another post. Seems some academics like to use Roman numerals for the month number. Unfortunately, I've found at least one date written purely with Arabic numerals; 6-4-65, for example. Is that June 4, (19)65 or March 6, (19)65? While most of the specimens seem to produced by "Americans," many other areas of the world use the day/month/year method rather than month/day/year. It may be impossible to know exactly what a purely numeric date is for the first 12 days of any month! Fortunately, that exact date may be the least important bit of info on the label? I dunno... I think this is another reason we humans are doing this transcribing rather than a digital computer. Nice to still be useful, I guess! LOL!