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Need a better example for location

  • delete_d2504217 by delete_d2504217

    I'm really getting confused on this. I haven't completed one record. What do I put in for the location?


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    First, I am assuming you are not talking about the Country/State/County info. 😃 Can't be too careful!

    But this is an area where the need for a human brain shows up, I believe. Since we are looking for three types of data to go in two different fields that is usually coming from one 'paragraph.' on the label, we need to do some reasonable parsing. Here is the way I have done this and what I would do in your example:

    • Location: S side of Rte 146, ca. ½ mi E of Aucilla River Bridge
      (Sneads Smokehouse Lake). T2N, R6E, NE1/4 Sec 10.
    • Habitat & Description: Frequent in wet loamy soil of shallow roadside
      depression along S side of road.

    That's almost an exact duplicate of what the author wrote. The only thing I've done is to try to separate the physical location of the site from the habitat and the description of the plant. The major alteration, in my opinion, is that I added the word "road" to the habitat explanation. In this case, there really isn't much of a description of the plant's behavior, coloring, growing habit, size, flowering, etc. Most of that must be deduced from the actual specimen. About the only thing the collector says about the plant is that it is "frequent!"

    The "Location" data is word for word what the author wrote. Of course, some of that data may be different today, that bridge may even be long gone! And we might be disappointed to find that Mr. Snead no longer has a smokehouse near the lake! 😃 Fortunately, this collector used some coordinates possibly from land survey maps that can more precisely locate the site. But that still doesn't guarantee that the land hasn't been bull dozed or farmed. 😦

    Hope this helps! And I hope I'm not leading you astray, also! 8+|