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For the birds: Allan Octavian Hume

  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    I just found this (looking for yet more corroboration of 19th-century English spellings of Indian place-names) and thought some of the ornithology transcribers might be interested: it's almost certainly Hume's work that we're working on.

    Allan Octavian Hume: civil servant, reformer, ornithologist and horticulturalist

    His material was sent to the British Museum in 1884 and there was a vast amount of it - 82,000 specimens - so the ledger pages dated 1887 cataloguing birds from India and the Far East could well be them. He also founded the quarterly publication Stray Feathers which I referred to here, after finding that it was returned in so many searches for older spellings of place names.