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  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    Hi All,
    Please see the post below.

    Also note that there are images live again on the herbarium interface. We are going to be adding a completely new set of image soon, but in the mean time we have added in some more images from the Florida State and Valdosta museum collections.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    Well there goes my weekend. :^)


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    Hi @Mr Kevvy and others!

    I forgot to mention one other thing. The two museums mentioned above are holding an on site transcription party this weekend, so there may be even more traffic on the herbarium site on Saturday. This is the first time we have done this so stay tuned for how it went!

    We "only" added about 3500 images, so it is very likely that they will only be available for a limited time before this set is complete.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy in response to md68135's comment.

    re: "The two museums mentioned above are holding an on site transcription party this weekend..."

    Since almost the beginning I've been advocating automating the transcriptions as much as possible; drastically reduces effort and tedium, increases accuracy, catches piles of errors, and is the only reason I've stuck around this long! I figure I can go about twice as fast this way versus typing, plus I catch 10x more errors and with a fraction of the tedium especially for those long tags where the botanist lists every species that lived on that spot since the Cretaceous... lol.

    The OCR I've been using is ABBYY Screenshot Reader. I paid the full $29.99 but all educators qualify for a 30% discount both faculty and students.

    Couple that with working with the data in a word processor using the dictionary I made (linked in the FAQ and useful tools thread) which automatically catches most of the "scanno" OCR errors plus errors in the original labels.

    Happy transcribing and hope this helps the party atmosphere. :^)