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Getting automatically 'Signed Out'

  • Mikerollem by Mikerollem


    I sign in and do the first transcription of Calbugs. When I click on the button to say I've completed that transcription, and instead of getting the next scan to transcribe, I get 'Signed Out'.

    This has happened the last few times I tried. Surely I'm not the only person having this problem. If it helps I'm in the UK, and the response time seems longer than usual so it may be some kind of a timeout problem.

    Please investigate.




  • wreness by wreness

    Hi Mike. I was having that problem on IE but when I switched to Chrome it didn't happen. I find that on Chrome I have to clear my browser history/cookies/ etc frequently or it starts giving me a black screen in between bugs, sometimes almost loading a few before it will load one for good. Not sure if that'd help you? Also be sure you've allowed cookies for this site in the "trusted zone" on the browser settings. If all else fails, sacrifice a chicken . KFC is the best, I find, extra crispy 😃