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American handwritten letters - looking for a good "cheat sheet"

  • A2H by A2H

    I'm not from the US and I'm sure some of my bewilderment when trying to decipher letters comes from my unfamiliarity with American handwriting. To make my point clear, please look at this That the very first letter is a "G" I only got from the context; the same applies to the "I" at the beginning of the second sentence, and to leading "r"s, as in "read."

    It's probably strange, but I was so far unable to find a comprehensive list or cheat sheet -- the site I got the page above from shows the new way of writing cursive, which doesn't contain a (to me) very funky way of writing a "D" I see quite often. Lots of references point out historical British ways of writing.

    Can anybody help me with a list for the US? I'd be very grateful.


  • aufelipe by aufelipe

    That example looks pretty standard to me. A Google image search for "American cursive" gets lots of other examples.


  • wreness by wreness

    What an interesting question! If you're still out there A2H...I'm not sure American Cursive will help you much. They used to teach this in school and I don't even know if they do anymore. You'd get your hand beat with a ruler if you didn't write like this and if you were left handed (like I am), you were hailed as the Spawn of Satan for holding a pen in your left hand. Anyone else remember these horrors of Education past? My mom told me in her day they'd make them sit and make perfect loops in between these lined-paper lines. My Grandma still swings her arm so much when she writes ("It's the Palmer Method, quit making fun of me") that you have to give her a good 4' clear space. Do they still teach cursive?