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Determining project progress?

  • Witgren by Witgren

    What determines progress on a project? Looking at the Macrofungi project, for example, as of right now it shows as only 1% complete with just 37 records out of 41,687 done after 2 months online. But it also shows over 4,400 users participating. Something seems out of whack with those numbers...

    So I'm just wondering how project progress is determined, because even if 90% of those 4,400 participating users never submitted valid entries and the rest only submitted one entry apiece that would still amount to 440 record transcriptions, and I'd hope that would amount to more than 37 completed records? I hope progress isn't really that slow, because that amounts to less than one record per day so far. If the displayed completion rate is anywhere near accurate, it'll take on the order of 70 years to complete the project!

    So there's got to be more to the completion numbers than meets the eye, I hope?


  • simonedi by simonedi

    i get a feeling there is a glitch somewhere and its not been fixed with people off for chrismtas and newyear or something, hopefully a fix will pop up soon


  • joanball by joanball scientist

    The number of users participating is the total who have signed up for Notes from Nature at some point since the project began last April, for all of the collections. Notes from Nature has had glitches in the progress calculations, but I've been told that they are correct now. However, currently a transcription is only counted after four different individuals complete the record. This is for data checking purposes. We are going to have a blog soon on data checking if you are interested in that.