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How do you collect?

  • El_Lion by El_Lion

    From the records I sometimes get the impression, some guys just follow a road randomly and pick up whatever they find. In other words: I have no idea how specimens get collected. How do you do that? Do you look on a map, decide for a specific region, quarter, section, road, whatever and then go there and make sort of an inventory of all species you can find in a day or two? Or do you look for particular species in a certain area ? Or are you going hunting down missing species for a collection? Or do you just walk out of the door and pick up whatever crosses your way?
    Sorry, just curious again. 😃 Can somebody portray the work of a botanist? Sort of "what do you do the whole day?".


  • nosenabook by nosenabook in response to El_Lion's comment.

    the Lion puts the question well. I have been trying to ask this for ages. What comes first, the plant or the location?