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The Blog post for June 3, 2013: Three Questions

  • nosenabook by nosenabook

    Nice entry. There are questions I can't answer there due to a forgotten WordPress account. So I thought I'd bring them here.

    Do you like that we’ve added these new specimen images? Yes. Bring them on!

    Were you worried by the drop in transcription percentages? Not at all. I asked about it last time and was answered in the forums. Plus, I was expecting more since it had been mentioned in the blog.

    Should we work to complete “missions” with smaller subsets before adding more content?
    Add two, no - three timelines(one for SERNEC, one for CALBUG, the third for totals).

    1. Date, 2. how many specimens were added on that date, and 3. how many transcriptions were completed at that time. It could be updated with each addition, and/or daily, weekly, monthly.

    A timeline can start from the beginning (whenever it's actually started), and be updated as we go.

    No doubt there are people who know how to present data so it looks good is easily understood, and is useful. That person would not be me, but I would love to see it.